Our Product Lines
Regal Brand Swimming Pool Chemicals

The  Regal line-up includes everything a pool owner needs to maintain or revitalize
their private oasis – a stabilized sanitizer, shock treatment, professional-grade
algaecide and a wealth of complementary products.
Hayward Brand Pool Filtration Systems, Pumps and Replacement Parts

Visit this site to learn more about Hayward complete line of pumps, filters and
lighting.  The site also offers warranty registration, pool safety tips, product rebates,
sweepstakes and a free newsletter.
                                                       Most products made in the USA
Polaris Brand Automatic Pool Cleaners & Water Features

Polaris is the #1 automatic pool cleaner brand. Polaris' full range of automatic pool
cleaners fits every application of pool design.  Learn about their products and
download product information.

Learn more about Garden Leisure aboveground pools.  Their site is full of photos
showing the beauty of aboveground pools.  Garden Leisure pools are
manufactured in the USA.
Robarb Brand Pool Water Clarifier

We highly recommend Super Blue Water Clarifier.
Super Blue is a powerful water clarifier produces and maintains crystal clear pool
water without affecting pH balance or other chemicals. Its thick, highly concentrated
formulation is designed to clear cloudy water FAST!
Merlin Brand Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Merlin’s safety covers combine safety with the complete barrier a vinyl cover
provides. The water-resistant solid cover keeps out dirt, dust, and sunlight, which
means no algae growth. It also means you open your pool to clean, crystal clear
Leisure Time Brand Spa & Hot Tub Chemicals

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water
care. During that time, spas have become more luxurious and consumers more
Inter-Fab Brand Swimming Pool Sliding Boards & Diving Boards

Bring your backyard to life.  Create an outdoor family entertainment center full of fun,
excitement and smiles with Inter-Fab, Inc.
pool slides and diving boards.
South Central Pool Distributors

For more than 20 years SCP has supplied us with quality products from the
following manufacturers.
Pentair Pool Products and Sta-Rite Brands

Pentair Water Pool and Spa® is the world leader in pool and spa equipment and
accessories…and home to Pentair Pool Products® and Sta-Rite® brands. Here
you’ll find the innovative products that make pool and spa ownership simpler, more
enjoyable, and more energy efficient than ever before.